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Crane Services

Davis Industrial Services takes pride in every job. We are pleased to do anything needed to keep our clients happy. Most of our work involves overhead crane repair, install, or maintenance but, we are well versed in everything we offer. Our over head crane division can handle tasks such as:

  • Annual Inspections

  • Monthly/Yearly Maintenance Agreements

  • Installing Cranes

  • Installing Runways

  • Installing Rail 

  • Thermite Welding (for rails)

  • Welding (all structure and fabrication)

  • Weld Repairs

  • Weld Inspections (Visual, NDT dry and wet, and Mag particle testing) 

  • Mechanical Repairs or Updates

  • Runway Repairs or Updates 

  • Rail Repairs or Updates 

  • Surveying for Elevation/Skewness/Squareness 

  • Gearbox Oil Change

  • Relocation Projects

  • CAD/CAM Modeling

Shutdowns and Turn-Around Projects can be negotiated to accommodate your needs. We are willing to work with your schedule to make sure the job gets done correctly, avoiding any delays in production.  

Industrial Services

Davis Industrial Services has the ability to provide up to 60 workers at any given time. Down days, maintenance, emergency repairs - our team of trained technicians can help assist when you are stuck scratching your head. Our expertise in welding, fabrication, mechanical, and electrical make us the correct choice when things go wrong. We have helped with projects such as:


  • Maintenance Agreements 

  • Engineering Services

  • CAD/CAM Modeling

  • Welding of all Types

  • Gearbox Repair

  • Building Platforms/Stairways/Handrails

  • Re-sheeting Engine and Control Houses 

  • Installing New Louvers

  • Replacing Structural Bolts 

  • Installing New Fail Safe Systems

  • Install Safety Equipment

  • Moving Machinery and Equipment 

  • Industrial Sandblasting and Painting

  • Custom Machining and Fabrication

Our business is designed with you in mind. If there is any thing else you are looking for, we would be pleased to assist with your project. All of our employees go through our in-house safety training program that includes fall protection safety, confined space safety, crane and rigging safety, aerial and scissor lift safety, forklift operator safety, and lockout/tagout for hazardous energy. We are qualified to work with anyone who needs us.

Fabrication Shop 

On top of the on-site services that we offer, we also have a fully functioning fabrication shop capable of producing anything needed for your job. We have made components as large as 260-ton spreader beams and as small as simple keys for shafts and wheels. Every job that goes through the fabrication shop is 100% customizable. If you have an idea to make a change, our engineer and machinist will work with you to make it happen. Here is a list of some of the capabilities in our fabrication shop:

  • 3 Lathes of Varying Sizes (the biggest of which can turn work pieces up to 90" long)

  • CNC Milling Machine 

  • Horizontal Drilling and Boring (60"x48" table with a 60"stroke)

  • Drill Presses Varying sizes

  • Horizontal Band Saw capable of cutting up to 18" wide pieces

  • Metal Bending Station 

  • Several Welding Machines Varying Types

  • Sandblasting and Painting Station

  • 3D CAD/CAM Modeling 

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